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Leila Nathaniel is a project manager extraordinaire who wants to be reincarnated as a cell in a spreadsheet. She makes a lot of lists and keeps everything running at Horse & Cart Agency in Swiss-style precision. Leila takes pride in managing many of their projects, accounts and even the office. With extensive PR, copywriting, social media and event management experience, she's no one-trick pony.

Fun Friday Post – We Bring You Sock Sock Jokes

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.20.28 PMYou’ve heard of knock knock jokes, right? They’re a bit silly, very punny and usually good to share with an all-ages group. When you need to lighten up a crowd, especially at a family gathering, knock knock jokes can often do the trick.

As we’ve just started working with Canadian sock designer and manufacturer, Socks by William and in anticipation of a photo shoot, we’ve got an office filled with socks. We’ve been having lots of fun with them, using them to bundle up for winter, wrap gifts, and generally enjoying these high-quality garments. Even though they’re meant for men, the ladies of Horse & Cart have been enjoying them too!

And so we’d like to introduce you to “William” our sock-puppet host who generates “sock sock” jokes upon demand! Share these corny but tasteful jokes at your next holiday party and knock everyone’s socks off with laughter 😉

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.08.28 PMAnd even though this one isn’t a “sock sock” joke, I just had to share it:

Q: What kind of socks does a pirate wear?

A: Arrrrrgyle!

Go get your sock sock jokes on!

Fun Friday Post – Our Favourite Language Converters

Around here, we’re no strangers to fun tools, like great lorem ipsum or hilarious stock photos, and now we bring you our favourite fake translation sites for when you want your copy to have extra pizzazz. Share them with your favourite writers and see how much they’ll enjoy them!


You already knew about Gizoogle, the gangsta search engine, right? Well now you can translate your site into “gangsta” all day, any day! (NSFW)

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.59.19 PMThe Dialectizer

Here’s a little known tool that works similarly to Gizoogle. With the Dialectizer, you can choose from dialects such as “redneck”, “jive”, “cockney”, “Elmer Fudd”, Swedish Chef”, “moron”, “pig Latin” and even “hacker”!


Can’t understand how teenagers text? Need to translate some kid’s email? Try Lingo2Word, which will change your plain old English into exciting 1337!

NadsatNavspeak like in A Clockwork Orange

Loved the turns of phrase and crazy language in A Clockwork Orange? Now your site can read like the famous novel by Anthony Burgess – like crazy Russian gangsters.

The Corporate B.S. Generator

Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of corporate jargon? Fret no more, now you too can write, speak and B.S. like the rest of them with the Corporate B.S. Generator.

speak like a piratePirate-to-English translator

And lastly, this link would not be complete without being able to translate your text into pirate-speak! Arrrggghhh matey!

Delivering the kind of giving experience that we as donors would like to see


Giving is all about how you feel and the team at Horse & Cart truly encapsulated this and brought it to life. – Jason Dominique, Founder & CEO

At the beginning of this summer, founder and CEO Jason Dominique was ready to create a brand identity and website for his new charity and non-profit platform Ensemble. While Ensemble does not seek to change the way that people donate to charities, it does want to change the way we find causes to donate to.


To build a brand expression for the company that would breathe life into Ensemble’s marketing materials and website. Once that was completed, our mandate was to roll out the style guide online by building Ensemble a beautiful website that would enable visitors to donate easily to their favourite causes.


The challenge for our strategists and designers was to develop a hyper streamlined new way to donate online without actually changing the donation process. This meant keeping it  easy to use for any type of user, while maintaining a high level of trust and security. Read more about this project with the Ensemble case study.

ensemble mobileTechnology

We developed the site using ThemeFortress’s WordPress Reverie theme built on ZURB’s lightweight Foundation framework. Thinking mobile first, we ensured that the site is fully responsive for the ultimate experience on any device or screen. Taking Reverie to the next level we integrated a ton of custom features for end-user management.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Fun Friday Post – Fake Stock Photos from Unstock

If you haven’t heard of and used Unsplash, it’s a pity. They have changed the meaning of stock photos for us by providing free, high-quality and useful but not cheesy stock images to the masses. Until now, it’s been our best-kept secret.

Besides being free, hi-resolution and beautiful images, Unsplash ensures attribution for photographers, so their photos aren’t stolen without getting linked back. And the images are under a Creative Commons Zero license, meaning that the images can be used for almost any purpose!

img1So today, Horse & Cart present our satirical homage to a site that makes looking for stock photos exciting and interesting instead of boring and cringe-worthy: Unstock. With typical images such as group worker high-five and other typically cheesy shots, we’ve taken all of the work out of choosing a stock image for your next blog post about the office, your next hero image of cheesy colleagues working together and collaborating, and more. The possibilities are endless!

stock-photo-36411644-african-businessman-with-group-of-businesspeopleHave a look at our take on typical stock images. They’re perfectly plastic and totally useable in a corporate capacity (but seriously, we don’t recommend using these in any serious endeavors). Whether for work or play, these pictures will keep your audience laughing. Behold: the beauty of the stock image!

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity With #TechnologyNStuff

#TechnologyNStuffUnless you’re a fan, or there’s yet another scandal regarding performance enhancing drugs, baseball doesn’t tend to make a blip on most of our radars. And yet, the World Series reached 13.4M viewers in 2014 (yes, about 1/10th of the Super Bowl, but the numbers are still nothing to sneeze at).

Instead of the usual advertising song and dance, Chevy decides to do something special that will garner more attention and create great PR. At game 7 of the World Series in Kansas City, MO the Kansas City zone manager, Rikk Wilde, presented the MVP winner Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants with his very own Chevy Colorado truck.

And how does Wilde do?

He totally messes up! He stumbles right through, he looks like he’s going to have a nervous breakdown or a heart attack. The people on screen with him look nervous for him (with the exception of the guy fixing his hair). It’s a right mess. While trying to explain the virtues of the 2015 Chevy Colorado, he ditches his script and explains live on television at the championships of the World Series that this truck has “technology and stuff” such as wifi, etc. Technlogy and stuff, huh? How exciting! #TechnologyNStuff

And yet, Chevy takes it on and turns it around! The same night #TechnologyNStuff starts trending, they own it with this beautiful tweet:

Kudos on Chevy for owning it, and for their community manager for getting it together to spin it in such a positive way. Chevy was getting a bum rap online until they decided to own this hashtag.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you recover from a potential PR fail.

Fun Friday Post – Winners vs. Losers in the Scotland Referendum

A while back, you may recall, Scotland held a referendum on whether to separate. Being the fun-loving, competitive crew that we are, we chose to take bets on whether the country would separate.

The bettors:

YES (Scotland will separate)

  • Leila
  • Brendan (The Saint)
  • Max
  • Lisa

NO (Scotland will not separate)

  • Drew
  • Josh
  • Paula
  • Brendan (The Poet)
  • Armando

The terms:

Winners: Get to design a crest for House Horse & Cart

Losers: Need to buy the Scotch (must be of Scottish origin) and do the work for designing the Horse & Cart crest.

As we all know now, Scotland did not separate. So Lisa, The Saint, Max and I had to get it together and build the crest and buy the Scotch (still pending).

The Poet specified that the crest must look like “neon, 80s Pat Benatar” and we think Lisa drew a gorgeous crest within those constraints:

Introducing House Horse & Cart

Introducing House Horse & Cart

Please direct all formal inquiries and invitations now to House Horse & Cart.Meanwhile, we loser still owe the winners their Scotch!

Fun Friday Post – Our Favourite End of the World Movies

I dunno about you, but with Ebola potentially in Canada now, this whole enterovirus D68 thing, and this recent report  on how the earth has lost half its wildlife in the last 40 years, we’re starting to think the world is on its way out. So without further ado, we bring you some of the gang’s favourite end of the world movies:

Digi starts us off with a classic, Mad Max. When there will be no civilization, there will be no heroes.

Armando has got two choices: The Road and World War Z. The Road represents what we all expect will happen when the world ends and just a few remain on earth after the worst has happened.

Meanwhile World War Z shows how the end of the could actually happen.
Josh stole my choice: 28 Days Later, where a mysterious virus spreads with no cure. The survivors try to find sanctuary.Drew‘s choice is I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, being his usual badass hero self.Leila has chosen a terrible D-list cheesy horror film by the great Canadian horror-film maker, David Cronenberg, Rabid. Fun fact for locals, part of it was filmed in Montreal in the Cavendish Mall parking lot!