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Fun Friday Post – Hail to the Cookie Baby, It’s National Cookie Day!

“Me proclaim today National Cookie Day” – Cookie Monster

As luck would have it today is National Cookie Day! According to the Muppet Wiki it is a minor holiday that celebrates cookies in all their sugary glory.

A bit of history

Back in 1980 Random House published “The Sesame Street Dictionary“. In this book Cookie Monster playfully declares a National Cookie Day to celebrate his beloved addiction, however no date was ever specified.

In the summer of 1987 Matt Nader president of the Blue Chip Cookie Company, a small cookie company based out of San Francisco, told the LA Times it was time for a National Cookie Day, “It’s just like having  National Secretaries Day … It will just be a fun thing to do“.

So there you have it … sort of … either way we’re happy to indulge cookies this day or any day for that matter. Here are some of our favourite cookie memes etc.





And I’ll leave you with this classic in honour of the king!

Paying it Forward on Halloween


Elevator Selfie

This year we decided to flip the concept of “trick or treating” on its head. The team gathered this morning in full disguise – A snowboard bum, Tetris block, Carmen Sandiego, a bank thief, “Grumpy Beard”, and last but not least Sherlock Holmes – and we went door to door in our office building handing out candy instead of asking or it!

Why? Remember that feeling you got as a kids on Halloween? The excitement of getting all dressed up as your favourite superhero or scary monster and hitting the streets with your buddies to collect as much candy as your pillow case could hold. And, let’s not forget the best part – getting home and going through your bounty, trading candy with your friends, and pigging out before your parents could stop you.

As a parent I get to relive those moments by watching my kids on Halloween. But, it’s just not the same. As an adult, Halloween is yet another of many “holidays” that has become an excuse to go out and party. We’ve traded candy for booze and bad hangovers.

Not this year!!! At least, not this morning 🙂 We thought it would be a nice treat, no pun intended, to pay it forward with our neighbours. Check out the video below and have a Happy Halloween!

Remember “Grumpy Beard“? Well, today Grumpy Beard leaped to life from the pages of his comic and terrorized the H&C team – all in good fun of course 🙂


Fun Friday Post – This is Lunacy!


“Theres a bad moon on the rise” – John Fogerty, CCR

End of the world theories, doomsday sayers, false prophets, and apocolyptica are nothing new. Every so many years, a few crazies will crawl out of the wood work and claim they had a premonition or discovered some hidden secret buried in ancient text that prophesies the end of the human race and/or world.

We thought – since this week marked the second of 4 blood moons in a tetrad – that we would roundup some of our favourite apocalypse prophecies  online, not to be confused with last week’s post “Our Favourite End of the World Movies” 🙂

Solar Storms

Solar Storms

Leila is partial to a prophecy that may not be so farfetched. Many doomsday sayers cry about the end of the world every time the Sun becomes active and starts spitting out solar flares. The theory is backed by science, that a solar storm big enough would cause massive devastation on Earth by taking down our power grid, melting our ozone, messing with plant life, and potentially triggering volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate shifts. Sounds like fun! For more information check out the Mother Nature Network post on “11 ways the world (as we know it) could end“.

Genetically Engineered Beatles

Genetically Engineered Beetles

The stuff that movies are made of! Rick Tobin, the latest YouTube self-proclaimed prophet, has an outlandish theory that genetically engineered beetles will be our downfall. Oh, and he goes on to talk about government conspiracies and even old school Nazi experiments. For more on Rick Tobin and his monster beetles check out this post on webwire “New Frightening YouTube Prophesy:Beetle Apocalypse After 4 Blood Moons“. Great find Drew!

Viking Apocalypse

Ragnarok – Viking Apocalypse Myth

Moniba dug up this great piece of viking lore that tells the story of Ragnarok, the last battle between Viking gods. According the prophecy the last Viking gods will battle and in doing so will split the Earth in half ending mankind. Then, by some magical Viking power the Earth will be re-born and the new Viking gods will inhabit it.

Like so many other prophecies before it’s time, this prediction failed nearly a year ago. But, perhaps a motion picture is on it’s way? For more information on this “Hollywood-esque” prophecy check out The Daily Mail’s post “Are you ready for the Viking Apocalypse? Norse myth predicts world will end this Saturday“.

Blood Moon Prophecies

Lunar eclipse myths from around the world

Maxime brings us “Marauding demons, murderous pets, and ravenous jaguars” to name a a few believed myths surrounding a lunar eclipse.

For more information check out the National Geographic post “Lunar eclipse myths from around the world“. personally I’m partial to howling at the moon, but then again I always fancied myself a Werewolf – muah ha ha ha…

The best for last? Perhaps. I bring you the “Warning Signs: IT HAS BEGUN IN AMERICA! (OCTOBER 2014)“. According to Jason A,  a YouTuber who compiles footage into “End of World” prophecies, attempts to connect politics, economy, crime, poverty, civil unrest, Isis, Ebola, D68, Jewish Holidays, and more to the Lunar Eclipse tetrad by piecing together video footage, interviews, and other web sourced imagery. Better to watch the video.

Do you believe?

Fun Friday Post: Bring Your Kid to Work Day!

Today’s Fun Friday Post is all about bringing your kid to work. The bearded Brendan’s oldest son is in the office today, and he’s insisted on being extra helpful for us. It couldn’t come at a better time, since we had our most recent Keep Marketing Fun Event and there was a lot to do in the aftermath. These are some of the things Kael did to help us out!

Bringing us coffee – we’re all pretty hungover after the epic keg that Bierbrier so generously provided, so Kael bringing us coffee was a pretty great treat!


Taking out the trash – we had about 80-90 people at KMF last night. That’s a lot of trash to take out the next day. Kael was generous enough to do it for us!


Kael also brought us all lunch! He went to the store and brought us all back banh mi sandwiches so that we could continue working hard today!


Gave Ziad a head massage – Ziad definitely appreciated a head massage!


Writing up client contracts – Kael brought home the bacon today! He got a new client to sign, seal and deliver a new mandate


Taking staff photos – Kael wanted to add to our growing collection of staff pics. So he grabbed the SLR and put together some great stuff!


Gave a staff presentation – Kael also reported on our last quarter of earnings, it was very motivating!


* Not really

Fun Friday Post: The most funniest examples of poor spelling and grammer

Proper spelling and grammar are unfortunately suffering skill sets. In most fields of work and study, fundamental to communicating your idea is being able to do so in legible, error-free English. This is especially true in the world of business marketing where bludgeoned websites, advertisements, labels, and even company names can leave your brand looking… in need of revision. Few things compare to the disaster of a confident company message lost entirely due to a blinding spelling error mid-text. We live in a time of short messages and shorter attention spans, and when many are faced with presenting their thoughts in written form, fewer and fewer are able to do so without fault. Bless spellcheck, but it is not and should never be a writer’s sole crutch. If it is, well, it will probably spell disaster later on (sorry). Here is a list of some of the more notable instances of corporate error.

1. Lands’ End

lands-end-young-jerks-1As the story goes, the misplaced apostrophe was an oversight when incorporating the company name. Now, the clothing brand has no choice but to stick out their chests and own it. Even if most people don’t pick up on the error, I can imagine the writer being tormented to the day having that silly mistake looking back at them, time and time again. source

2. Tesco Orange Juice

juiceAs recently as this year, Tesco was publicly called out by a grade school teen for using a double superlative–a big faux-pas. If you haven’t picked up on it already, I eloquently threw one into the title of this blogpost for effect. It’s a simple rule, nothing can be greater than the greatest, better than the best, or tastier than the tastiest. That is why “most tastiest” is a redundant overkill. source

3. Reebok’s Quick-Thinking
reebok-typo-500x375This one’s too good… This New York targeted subway ad was exploiting the “New York minute” expression, suggesting people take their time. In the same breath, they misspelled, “everything”. You just want to hold a mirror up to their own advice. Unless the error was somehow attempting to mimic the local dialect, I’m not buying it. Ah, the irony sustains me! source


4. Rachel Ray and Her Long-Lost Friend, the Comma.

rachelray01This example isn’t new, but it does serve as a classic example to show the importance of a comma. Commas are your friend. One tiny line at the foot of a word can change the entire meaning of a sentence. In this instance, the addition of a few commas would have saved the lives of Rachel Ray’s family and dog. Now, they are little more than another meal in Mrs. Ray’s kitchen. Rachel, you monster! source

Also see: “Let’s eat, Grandma!” vs. “Let’s eat Grandma!”



5. The unintentionally crass.

lbj_poster Take a second to read the bottom line of this commencement ceremony poster. The horror! This is a traumatic mistake that someone, I promise, has lost sleep over. Let this example serve as a warning for anyone writing copy for, or pitching to any person or institution who works with the public, or publics. Forgetting that one letter dramatically changed the orientation of this school. source





Moral of the story, put your pride aside and get a friend, coworker, or professional editor to examine your work. It’s not a sign of weakness or lack of ability to reach out for a second opinion. Don’t fall victim to poor communication!

*title errors are intentional 😉

Fun Friday Post – Top 5, Bottom 5 things About Being a Montrealer during F1 Weekend

Equal parts pain and joy of being a Montrealer is that each summer, we attract a lot of people. There’s nothing quite like heading downtown on a sunny summer afternoon and taking advantage of an awesome terrace, a sidewalk event or just a walk down St. Catherine or St. Denis to enjoy the unique shops and scenery. There’s also nothing like brushing shoulders with a bro sporting an XS tank top, his girlfriend shooting you The Look of Death and and their buddy puffing delectable cigarette smoke into your face. I suppose that’s the small price to pay for living in one of the coolest metropolitan hubs in the world, but either way, here’s some of the coolest and lamest things about Montreal’s Formula 1 weekend which takes place this weekend from June 5th to the 7th.


1. Crescent Street

An annual tradition in Montreal is to close of Crescent street during the Grand Prix weekend. From kiosks to concerts, from food to free swag, the whole street turns into one big block party. For this year’s 15th anniversary, the Corona-sponsored event is going all out, with all-day concerts, activities and a real Alfa Romeo pit stop.

2. St. Laurent street

Not wanting to miss out on the festivities, Montreal’s main is hosting their own get together with an assortment of sidewalk sales, middle-of-the-street celebrations and nonstop celebrations. The fun starts at 8 AM every morning and the party keeps going til 3AM. Watch the race on the street, or take advantage of the events going on St. Laurent between Sherbrooke and Pine.

3. The Cars

Whether you’re a “car person” or not, it’s still neat to watch some of the nicest, highest performing cars in the world dot the streets of Montreal. Last year, I witnessed a congregation of bros who were all about snapping new profile pics with the exotic sports cars that dotted St. Catherine street. Can’t afford a Ferrari? Wanna trick your friends into believing you can? Rest your arm on the hood, and give your best mean mug/peace sign look, and you’re good to go!

4. Free stuff

Dotted along St. Catherine, St. Denis, Crescent and Main, you’ll find every other company you can name tossing swag into the crowd. If you’re paying for t-shirts or energy drinks this weekend, you’re messing up hard.


5. New People

It’s one of the (many) weekends where it’s pretty acceptable to hit a bar before the clock strikes 12 (that’s noon), and what better time to do it when half the crowd probably aren’t even from MTL? Sure, people are people but Grand Prix Weekend draws a lot of F1 enthusiasts from pretty much everywhere, so here’s your time to brush shoulders and clink glasses with someone who might not like 4 blocks away from you.


1. This Guy

This guy. This guy is attending Grand Prix Weekend.

2. Overcrowding

This one is obvious, but if you’re downtown for any reason other than to take part in the festivities, you’re gonna have a hard time getting much done. Expect way too many intrusions into your personal space and lines that are definitely way too long.

3. These guys

These guys love guzzling Jägerbombs and spilling drinks. They also love F1, and you can grab a couple drinks with these fine gentlemen at any point this weekend.

4. Traffic

Traffic. Yeah, the event is overcrowded, but if you’re trying to move from one side of the downtown core to the next, expect to slam your head against your steering wheel, because you aren’t getting to your destination anytime quick.

5. New People

Loud, obnoxious tourists drinking overpriced beers? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’m down with that.

Well there you have it. Let us know what your top and bottom 5 things are about being a Montrealer during F1 weekend.

Keep Marketing Fun – Landing Page Optimization

KMF-LPIf you haven’t heard, our monthly marketing event/meetup is just around the corner! On June 19th, come check out Keep Marketing Fun – Landing Page Optimization. The fun starts at  6 and we’ll be hanging out at our new space at 445 rue Saint-Pierre, Suite 302.

Being the self-crowned “Landing Page Kings of Montreal” this event is beyond just defining what a landing page is and should be. We have an awesome lineup of speakers eager to drop some knowledge about landing page creation, getting your landing page noticed as well as the science behind optimizing user flow for landing pages.

We supply the food and drinks as well as prizes! Once you register for the event, you’ll be eligible to win tickets to Social Media Breakfast Montreal, a Brendan & Brendan landing page (design and copy edit – valued at $1500), as well as services from our awesome partners Unbounce and Crowdvert. Crowdvert, who works with some of the world’s larges brands, is very excited to award three attendees content conversion consultation.

Psyched yet? We certainly are – REGISTER HERE and come Keep Marketing Fun with us at our Landing Page Optimization event.